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Without the services of Wescomm Technologies in my home and office, it would not be what it is today. Wescomm has changed my ‘Life Style’ so much, that I don’t know where I would be without their technologies or tech support services in my life.

At my store I am able to watch my camera system anytime from any location in the world. I just took a trip out of the country and was able to login to my camera system and view my staff and customers. With the audio system Wescomm installed, my customers and staff can move around our store and hear the sounds of XM radio as they work / shop. This provides a commercial free service and allows having holiday music for every season readily available.
In my home I have a fantastic home theater system with a 50” plasma. I have seen a lot of plasma TV’s at all of my friend’s homes and in the stores, but nothing comes close to the one Wescomm recommended. The picture quality is brilliant and nice! I did experience one small problem with it after 2 years of use, and Wescomm took care of it!! They came to my home and took my TV into service for me and installed a “loaner” plasma of the SAME SIZE! I did not even feel like my old TV was in for service. Then because of the warranty with them, they decided not to fix the TV, but replaced it with a brand new set.

What more could you ask for from a custom install company? I know they talk about being custom in the work they do, but i feel they are custom to each individual persons life style and feelings. Their not just a company to me… their like family!

Thanks for everything!
Rupen Koceyan
Luxor Jewelry
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