We use the Avigilon HD (high definition) surveillance system on a regular basis for many different applications. We have 25 cameras throughout our facility and used it multiple times to catch customers stealing product!! We have used it multiple times to catch potential buyer tampering with items on the auction to make them so they will not run in an attempt to purchase them cheaper on the auction. We have also been able to use this for any situation where an item is missing to be able to determine who moved it and where it was moved to. Not only are we able to catch a thief stealing. We are able to get the license plate of the vehicle that is being used to drive away with the items and determine who the culprit is. We have on multiple occasions been able to send the police out after the culprits and have the items that were stolen returned. It has been a very valuable tool and has helped us be able to significantly cut down on lost items and loss of money due to theft. This system also has an unbelievable search option so that you don’t have to just sit back and watch the recording but you can search and watch for only activity that happened in a specific location. This has also worked very well in monitoring employees and keeping employee productivity up.


Chad Mingerink
Operations Manager